Below are a few testimonials submitted by our customers.

"This is an amazing product for the money! I have paid up to $250.00 for documents that are not even comparable to what you have to offer. I am extremely happy with my purchase. Thank you so much!"
- Kristen Monroe Ultimate Web Design.Org The Future is Now

"Hey, great documents. So far they seem clean cut and directed toward our field of work very well. Great price too. Everywhere there are ridiculous prices for ridiculous packs that give you too much to sift through and half of it you don't need. I bought a doc kit from ----- ($200) years ago when I was just getting started, but I never really liked their docs or found them useful. You have really presented the pack in a nice SIMPLE way AND with the mail merge (mail merge is so great isn't it?!) it makes for a quick process. Overall kudos to you and keep it up. I'm excited to see how this will work out for me."  -Molly B. Mollybean.com

"BEAUTIFUL! I just wanted to let you know that this is one of the most valuable and time saving products I have purchased. GREAT JOB!" - Paul Dessert CEO - The Color Seven Marketing Group www.thecolorseven.com

"Thanks for an excellent set of documents. These will be of great help to me as I start my own business within the design industry". - Pete

"You have saved me dozens of hours, I think this may be the best 40 bucks I've ever spent on anything! Now I can get down to business! Thank you so much." - Jon

"These documents are exactly what I've been looking for!! Thank you so much for putting the little details in these documents that make the difference. This was money well spent." - John Henderson

"WOW! This is the best purchase I have ever made for my web and graphics design business AND for my customers. Thank You!"
- Rachelle Guehlstorf, C.E.O. Creative Wedge Web Design

"I bought the WebDevDoc package on 1/24. Seven days later I made my first sale for $1300 ($650 deposit collected immediately) using them. There's no doubt in my mind the professional quality of this package was instrumental in making the sale. Therefore they paid for themselves within a week. The quality and quantity of the documents and the very reasonable price make this one of the best buys on the internet. Thanks!" -Mobius

"WebDevDocs has saved me so much time and helped me present a professional image to my clients. Version 3 is excellent as the mail merge function helps me make quick changes across all the documents. WebDevDocs gives me my life back, thank you." - Mark McNamara

"The documents are great! Thank You for taking the time to put these together and putting them out there for us to use. Setting them up as .doc files was clearly the best way to go, it makes editing them very simple. I recently bought the "-----" from ----- and it is packed with good information and it to came with a binder full of documents that are also on disk. The documents in that kit are no where near as good as yours!" - Cory Perry

"I just purchased your CD and love the documents and flexibility they offer." - Eric Caudy

"I received the CD yesterday. These are great forms! Thanks for making something so useful available." - Steven

"Thanks very much for your speedy customer service and the download link. I'm very impressed with the product, it'll save me hours of brainachingly boring work :) " -Miranda T

"Your Website Designer Document Pack is very excellent, especially the website planner workbook. Matter of fact I'm using it to rebuild my website. I wish I  had come across this document pack two years ago. It gives a clearer vision of how to structure and market a website." -Jennifer H.

"Great Stuff!!! You saved me many hours creating proposals myself." - Karie B.