Special Features


Below are a few special features of many that are included with our website design document pack.

•  Easily editable, just like any other Microsoft Word templates; you can change anything on any of the documents.


•  4 easily editable flowcharts are included for your website design proposals. They are editable right in Microsoft Word. 3 of the flowcharts are in color, and one is black and white for those who do not have a color printer. Below is one example of a flowchart included being edited.




•  There are 2 versions of our Website Planner, a print and digital version. Below are two examples of how the digital version works.




•  Never type your clients data or your companies data more then once! Just type in your company information as well as your clients information into the "data.xls" file included with Microsoft Excel and merge this information into any of our 18 documents. Our help file will give you detailed instructions on how to merge this information into these documents. Using this feature is completely optional, although it will save you time in the long run. See the below screen shots for an example on how this works.

1. Type your company information, as well as your clients into the data.xls file.




2. Open up one of the documents, as shown below.




3. Follow the simple merging instructions in the help file included, and now the data you typed into the data.xls file is
now merged into any document you choose!




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