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Website Design Proposals There are 3 different Website Proposals that come with your document pack. Each one has similarities and differences.

Website Proposal (New Design): A proposal for developing brand new websites. Pages: 9

Website Proposal (eCommerce): A specialty proposal for developing eCommerce websites only. Pages: 9

Website Proposal (Redesign): Another specialty proposal document just for customers who you will be redesigning their website. Pages: 10

Website Marketing Proposal & Analysis: A proposal for Website SEO & Marketing Projects.  Pages: 8

Website Design Proposal Flowcharts We have included 4 Flowchart diagrams (3 color, and 1 B&W) that are easily editable within Microsoft Word. 3 of the 4 flowcharts have already been included in each of the proposals. There are 3 Flowchart diagrams for new website designs or redesign website projects, and another flowchart diagram specially designed for eCommerce Websites. Also included is 4 different graphical flow chart images as examples that I've used in actual proposals. These were made before I had designed the easily editable flowcharts in Microsoft Word. They are more for inspiration incase you need new ideas on flowchart design, as almost every website you develop will need a different flowchart layout. Pages: 2

Website Contracts The contracts that we have provided aren't just any ordinary contracts. They were written just for website design projects.

Website Design Contract: A thoroughly written contract with 18 different sections. Different sections include maintenance and hourly rates, web hosting, refund policy, and many more important areas. Pages: 3

Website Maintenance Contract: This contract is different from the Website Design Contract. If you plan on offering website maintenance packages to your clients, this contract is great to outline the terms and agreements in your maintenance program. This document has 14 different sections such as Maintenance Limitations, Client and Third Party Site Modifications, Upgrading Packages, and more. Pages: 2

You should seek an attorney in your area before using these contracts for official use, as laws are usually different in every state and country.

Website Planner Workbook These documents are by far the biggest and most popular document we have. There are actually 2 different versions of this document. It is estimated that over 200+ hours have been put into creating and perfecting these two documents alone. Please note that the digital version has not yet been tested in any other software but Microsoft Word XP and up.

Website Planner Workbook (Digital Version): The digital version of the Website Planner Workbook is used to give to clients so that they may type their answers from their PC and then print it out and mail it back or save it and email it back to you as an attachment. The digital version, rather then the print version has check boxes, drop down menus and text boxes for clients to easily complete on their PC. Pages: 44

Website Planner Workbook (Print Version): The print version of the Website Planner Workbook is used to give to clients so that they may print it themselves, and hand write the answers, and then mail it back. You may also print the document yourself and place it in a binder or booklet to mail to your client. 23 of the total pages are all questions, the rest of the pages are information for your client on how to plan their website before answering any of the questions provided. Pages: 44

Binder Insert: If you plan on printing the Website Planner Workbook and placing it into a binder to give to a client, then this document will come in handy. Just print, cut, and then place it in the side of the binder. Pages: 1

Letters to Customers There are 6 different formal letters included, each one to send to your clients for a different occasion. Below is an explanation of each letter.

Letter 1 (Give with Proposal): To be given to a client with the finished proposal. Pages: 1

Letter 2 (Give with Contract): To be given to a client with the website contract. Pages: 1

Letter 3 (Give with Website Planner Workbook): To be given with the Website Planner Workbook.
Pages: 1

Letter 4 (Past Due Notice #1): These past due notices were written (as well as all of the other documents included) just for website designers. We've all had one or two clients late on a few payments, and sometimes delinquent for more then 60 days. Pages: 1

Letter 5 (Past Due Notice #2): This is a 2nd past due notice letter, to be given after the first one if payment is still not made. To be given usually after 60 days of non payment. Pages: 1

Letter 6 (Give with Maintenance Contract): This letter is more of an advertisement then a formal letter, somewhat a mix of both to advertise your available maintenance packages. Sections include your available packages and monthly costs, advantages of maintenance packages, and how to request updates. Pages: 2

Other These are miscellaneous documents that currently do not have a specific category.

Website Marketing Proposal Request: This document is to be given to clients who are interested in SEO or other marketing work for their current website. It asks specific questions to help you write up a marketing proposal. Pages: 3

E-Book Series Each month we publish a volume from our E-book Series "Running a Website Design Business" and compile it with our document pack as a added bonus. Once we complete our E-book series, it will be compiled into one single E-book. Below are the current volumes that come with your documents. Note: These E-books are not counted as a document and the pages are not added in with the total number of pages.

E-book Vol 1 - Get Professional: This e-book discusses how to win more projects with your proposals by making them look professional. Pages: 5

E-book Vol 2 - Your Place of Business: This short e-book discusses mainly the advantages and disadvantages of working from home versus paying additional expenses for an office. Pages: 2

Extras These documents are included as bonuses.

Invoice: This invoice fits perfect in the 3 7/8" x 8 7/8" double window envelopes. Pages: 1

Estimate: This document will fit in the same type of envelopes as the Invoice. Pages: 1

Fax Cover: You'll need a Fax Cover if you send your proposals or contracts to a clients fax. Pages: 1

There are currently 18 Website Design Documents, with a total of 145 pages + our added e-books series.

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